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Gemini and Yoruba
Weibulls, Hammenhög

Gemini Gemini Gemini

Gemini (above) are grass and peat sculptures
which were erected at Weibulls in Hammenhög in
1996 and 1997. The figures had their own sprinkler
systems under their top hats.
Water spread like umbrellas.
They had to be cut weekly to retain their shapes.
However, organic sculptures have lives of their own.
Perhaps these ones came from outerspace
or were space bound, unless they were mere
overgrown Egyptian gods.
Each Gemini measures 140 x 140 x 230 cm.

Yoruba (at right) was an experiment in mixing
peat with alkali silicate to harden it.
It worked for a while, until it bleached and crust layers
began to peal off througout the summer.
Yoruba's size is 150 x 150 x 240 cm.