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8 stools
360° panoramic view of ring of judgment

8 stools - b/w 8 stools - color
All 8 stools have been extracted from a monolithic piece of granite according to the 2:4:8 rule. Each stool was then placed in a circle of 6 meters in diameter to form a modern Ring of Judgment. Domarrings, as they are called in Scandinavia, are stone circles which can be traced as far back as the iron age.
People who meet in such circles "reveal themselves" and need to weigh their words very carefully.
The distance of 6 meters (or 8 steps) separating opposite stools allows the eye to see others in a "single dimension". The eye normally "differentiates" images that are close from those that are farther away (a physical phenomena).
Family therapists claim that disturbance awaits those who ignore similar distances at home. This may also explain why an ideal discussion group is composed of 8 people. G-8 anyone?
My hands suffered immensely from all the vibrations and grinding of these granite stools. Do schedule frequent breaks if you ever decide to grind stone, or join the G-8! ;-)