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Bodyrests, Maze, Hole in the Wall
Rågsved School, Sweden

RagsvedSkola1997 Lut
Gennom Ragsved

In 1997, Hanns Karlewski and I were commissioned by the Stockholm Art Council (Konstkansliet) to decorate three school yards. The works above were installed at the Rågsved School. I made four brick Bodyrests, where people could simply lean back and gaze at the sky. Some students contributed to the project by creating their own patterns in the bricks (see close-up above) while others participated as brick layers. Each bodyrest measures 190 x 120 x 200 cm.
The Hole in the wall was placed near the playground. The wall and steps are made of slate and limestone respectively and measure 180 x 210 x 230 cm overall.
In the lower part of the yard, I created a 100 m² maze with cobblestones of various colours.